着色和表面处理 着色和表面处理 着色和表面处理 着色和表面处理

The coloured in the mass

Application: oxide pigments are added during mix preparation

quantity: about 30-40g/each tile

note: simplicity, as no equipment is requested, long lifespan, no shine

Coloured Slurry

Application: grey wet tiles are covered with a thin layer of coloured slurry

Quantity: about 6 g of oxide+0.1 kg of cement/each tile

Note: low production cost, long lifespan, no efflorescence

Acrylic water based

Application: it is sprayed airless on dry tiles before packaging

Quantity: 15 g of acrylic paint/each tile. Tiles are coloured in the mass with a reduced quantity of oxide (half)

Note: shine finishing ,medium lifespan, no efforescence