Production capacity:900 tiles / hour


Vortex Uno 900 suits a market demand of more than one million tiles a year. Provided with automatic batching and mixing plant, it's an on-line automatic operation with depalleter, pallets feeder, oiler and extruder. All profiles can be made. The tile machine pushes the alminum pallets from undermeath and the tiles are extruded and cut at exact size. Fresh tiles are manually loaded on racks for curing, cured tiles are unloaded on the depalleter conveyor: the aluminium pallets feeding the machine are separated from the dry tiles which are manually picked up and stacked. Sand, loaded by a pivoting scraper, is weighed into the skip, cement is added manually by bags. Then, when they are loaded into the mixer, they are automatically mixed with water and colour. The mix is discharged and fed, via a belt conveyor, to the extruder, With a heating system double shifting is possible. When the daily production is 6000 pieces, a Vortex Uno Mini/R machine is required to produce ridges.

21 heat exchangers(optional) 21、热交换器(可选)
20 boiler(optional) 20、锅炉(可选)
19 air compressor(optional) 19、空气压缩机(可选)
18 pigment bags stock 18、颜料储存处
17 cement bags stock 17、水泥储存处
16 sand stock 16、沙子储存处
15 oiling booth 15、涂油台
14 pallets feeding conveyor 14、托板传送带
13 manual packing 13、手动包装
12 dry tiles conveyor 12、干瓦传送带
11 acrylic paint applicator(optional) 11、丙烯酸喷涂台(可选)
10 depalleter manually fed 10、托板分离台
9 curing chambers 9、养护室
8 transpallet 8、液压手推车
7 racks for 96 tiles/each 7、96片屋面五养护架
6 slurry applicator(optional) 6、水泥浆喷淋器
5 mix belt conveyor and hopper 5、混凝土传送带和喂料斗
4 skip with weghing unit for sand 4、带沙子称重单元的料斗
3 automatic sand scraper 3、自动沙子刮沙机
2 900planetary mixer 2、行星式搅拌机
1 Extruder"Uno 900" 1、Uno 900 挤出机
VORTEX UNO900 沃泰克斯UNO900系统