Rotaryrack system is a fully automated carousel,returing equally cured tiles after a pre-set period of time (being the minimum necessary curing time) since they have been produced, allowing the pallets to be recirculated immediately in the plant. The system concept consists in loading the wet tiles into a single large circular rack that moves step by step, in a continuous cycle, to assure the same curing time for all loaded tiles, which can be unloaded after the pre-set curing cycle. Indeed the geometrical position of a tile identifies also the exact curing time of the same one. The circular rack moves inside an insulated prefab tunnel where heated air is suitable circulated and activated to achieve the pre-set conditions. Various temperature and humidity probes,heaters and fans are located in strategical positions and controlled by PLC.Loader and unloader are also enclosed in an insulated chamber with small holes for the inlet and the outlet of tiles: this guarantees a very limited heat leakage.

29 pigment and acrylic deposit 29、丙烯酸和颜料储存处
28 air compressor(optional) 28、空气压缩机(可选)
27 racks for trims 27、养护架
26 pallets for trims 26、托板
25 Uno Mini/R for trims production 25、Uno Mini/R 型脊瓦成形机
24 universal press for fittings(optional) 24、通用压机(可选)
23 gripper(optional) 23、夹具(可选)
22 strapper(optional) 22、打捆机(可选)
21 strapping conveyor(optional) 21、打捆机传送带(可选)
20 pack former (optional) 20、包装机(可选)
19 control panel(optional) 19、控制柜(可选)
18 automatic stacker of 3/4 tiles(optional) 18、自动堆垛机(可选)
17 acrylic paint applicator(optional) 17、丙烯酸喷涂台(可选)
16 oiling booth 16、涂油台
15 inverter of pallets flow 15、托板转向器
14 pallets feeding conveyor 14、托板传送带
13 automatic depalleter 13、自动托板分离器
12 automatic unloader 12、自动下架系统
11 boiler(optional) 11、锅炉(可选)
10 heat exchangers(optional) 10、热交换器(可选)
9 rotary rack 8000 tiles cap. 9、8000片装旋转养护架
8 attomatic loader 8、自动上架系统
7 slurry applicator(optional) 7、水泥浆喷淋器
6 mix belt conveyor and hopper 6、混凝土传送带和喂料斗
5 cement silo and screw conveyor(optional) 5、水泥筒仓和螺旋输送机(可选)
4 automatic sand scraper 4、自动沙子刮板机
3 main control panel 3、搅拌机控制柜
2 turboplanetary mixer 2、行星式搅拌机
1 Extruder 1500 1、1500 挤出机